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From this page, you will be able to post your personal messages to the family, leave your information (email address, address, phone number, etc. - Remember: Everyone will be able to see this information, even folks from outside our family, because this is not a secure web page. If you'd rather not allow that, just send us instructions to contact someone on your behalf, and we'll be glad to forward your information.)

Just send us an email with your message, and we'll post it here.

Family messages:

Greetings all, my family and I are looking forward to the Sanchez Medina family reunion. The following link is to my business website:
Thanks, Rebecca – I am Lola Witko’s daughter (Dolorita Maria Medina)
Rebecca Cervantes
1233 Harvard Avenue
Claremont, Ca 91711
Phone: 909-624-4899

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From Keri (Mrs. Tomas) Maes (Betty Ann Medina's son)
Hello Pat,
Thank you for adding our family tree information. Yes, we have triplet girls who will be 7 in just a couple of weeks. They are wonderful girls and such a joy to have. Tomas and I have a lot of fun with them. We would have loved to bring them to the reunion, but they will just be starting school (1st grade) and we couldn’t get any flights out without missing days of school. Tomas (my husband – Betty’s son) is really trying to make it to the reunion. He will be in Arkansas the week before the reunion for work, and is trying to get a plane ticket to make it. It looks like it will be a wonderful time.
Thank you again for your help. We’ll forward some pictures too!

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Hi Pat. This is Charlie's wife, Amy. I just read your update and wanted to
let you know how much we appreciate ALL the hard work you've put into this.
Charlie has been returning to the website almost daily, to see his family
and all the relatives. To be honest, he really misses everyone and wishes
we could have come. So do I.
Give yourself a giant pat on the back because you have done a tremendous job
on this reunion. It's more giant than you'd imagine, I would suspect. I
started planning a 2nd annual reunion for my mother's extended family last
year and although we had to delay it another year, I know how much input and
research has to be done. It's hard pleasing a family of almost 100!
Anyway, our thoughts are with all the family this next week. Have a
fantastic time and tell everyone the Charlie Montoya family send hugs and
kisses from Wisconsin.
Love, Amy
(Charlie Montoya is Consuelo Sanchez-Montoya's son.)