Family History Page

This page will lead you to stories, family trees, and the like regarding the Sanchez and/or Medina families. If you have anything to add, please let us know!

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The Pinon Tree is a symbol of our family tree

The above picture is from Joe (Junior) Medina. Here are his notes:
Left to Right: Pete Pedro Medina, my uncle; Rafaelita Medina, Uncle Pete's wife; Beneriza Medina, my Mom; Jose Demetrio Medina, my Dad; Teofilita Medina, Uncle Cayetano's wife; Cayetano Medina, my uncle; unknown, could be Grandma Ortega; Juanita Fernandez, my aunt; Ramoncita Taylor, my aunt; Pablita Valdez, my aunt; Adelina Gonzales, Mom's sister; Ruben Gonzales, Aunt Adelina's husband. If you look closely between my Dad and Uncle Cayetano is Sherman Taylor, Aunt Ramoncita's husband. Missing from the picture are Uncles Eliseo (veteran of World War I) and Daniel Medina.