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Family Reunion - 2006

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Pam Avila business cardPam Avila CB Legacy Ray Padilla business card

Pat Sanchez business card
Santa Fe Rosaries

John Seaver Forever Lawn business card
Forever Lawn

Greetings all, my family and I are looking forward to the Sanchez Medina family reunion. The following link is to my business website:
Thanks, Rebecca – I am Lola Witko’s daughter (Dolorita Maria Medina)
Rebecca Cervantes
1233 Harvard Avenue
Claremont, Ca 91711
Phone: 909-624-4899

Cervantes-Coleman Smith-Barney
The Cervantes Coleman Team
Guided Portfolio Management
456 West Foothill Boulevard
Claremont, CA 91711
tel: 909.625.0781
toll free: 800.830.8727
fax: 909.621.6046

Seaver American Leak Detection Business card


John Seaver Just Sprinklers business card
John Seaver at Just Sprinklers

Fortunos Business Card
The Fortunos, featuring members of the Alberto Medina Family - Nora, Dora, and Helen