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Peggy (Sanchez) Vigil Family

The Vigil's at Brian's Wedding 2005
Peggy in 1947
Griego Family Picture 06 Paula and Pam Vigil
Philip and Patrick Griego Patrick, Patrice, and Phylisa 2002
Philisa and Patrice at Grandma Sanchez' 90th Birthday 2002 Phyllis and Petey 01/2006
The Avila Family Halloween 2006
Luis and Pam Avila Family
Vigil Gang at Halloween 2006
Petey Griego 2007
Patrice Vigl and Phyllis Vigil-Griego 2007
Philip and Petey
Vigil Family in Mexico 2006
Patrice and Phylisa 2006
Petey birthday party 2007
Phylisa Patrick Patrice 2006

Vgil Kids 2007

Phyllis and Philip at Napa Valley 2007

Phyllis and Philip at Napa Valley 2007

Phylisa Griego far right 2007

Phyllis at Napa Valley Andretti Winery 2007







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