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Theresa Sanchez-Valdez Family Scrapbook

Therresa Sanchez 1944 Theresa Sanchez 1960s
Theresa Christmas 2006 Theresa Valdez 2007
Theresa and Ray 01/2006
Ray and Theresa 12/02/06
Valdez Crew at Zozobra 2006
Ray and  Talia at Halloween 2006
Grandpa Ray Jr. 2007
Ray Jr., Theresa and Brittany Dale 12/2006
Eric, Brittany, Veronica, and Doug Dale 2006 Ray Jr.'s granddaughter was born the same day as Grandma Sanchez' funeral in 2006
Veronica at Fiesta 2006 Michael 12/02/2006
Michael and Felicia 2007 Cris Sanchez, Eric and Veronica at Halloween 2006
Danny 12/2006
Felicia Valdez 2006
Tristan and Family at Halloween 2006 Daniel 05/2006
Tristan and Family 2007
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