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“Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors”
Dr. Jonas Salk (1914-1995

Pedro and Filomena Sanchez family 1912

The above picture is Pedro and Filomena Sanchez and family in 1912. Top row is farm hand Nestor Duran (probably a cousin of Grandmother Filomena); Adelina (maid/servant who came from Conejos, CO with Great-Grandmother Placida Chaves-Sanchez, where she married school teacher Cristoval Sanchez); Grandfather Pedro Sanchez. Bottom row is Great-Grandmother Placida Chaves-Sanchez, mother of Grandfather Pedro; Juan Cristobal Sanchez (birth certificate name); Grandmother Filomena Duran-Sanchez with infant Jose Pedro Sanchez. (they would dress baby boys like girls then.)

(These details are provided by Cris Sanchez, Jr., who has done extensive research into both the Sanchez and Medina families. The family trees can be accessed from the Family History page.)

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Filomena and Pedro Sanchez 1907
Pedro and Filomena Sanchez, 1907

Cristobal Sanchez and Grandmother Placida

Grandmother Filomena Sanchez in the 60's
Grandmother Filomena Sanchez in the 60's

Grandmother Filomena Sanchez in 1984
Grandmother Filomena Sanchez before her death in 1984