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Christine (Sanchez) &
Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Gil Baca Family

Gil and Christine 2006 Christine 1940

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Bacas 1983

Baca family

Christine and John Wayne

Christine as a teenager


Theresa and Christine 1948


The Baca Family 01/06 Andrew and Amy Trujillo, Halloween 2006
Michael Valdez and Jeff Baca, Halloween 2006 Andrew and AmyTrujillo 12/02
Victoria and Amy Trujillo, 01/06
Jeff Baca 01/06
Newborn Jacqueline Baca
Jacqueline Baca 072006
Jacqueline Patricia Baca 72007
Jacquee 0807

Christine and Gil Baca with Patrick Owens

Learning to walk: Ana and cousin Pam Vigil 1977

Great-Grandma Estella Sanchez and Vickie Trujillo

Tammy and Theresa 2005





Ana in Disneyland 1981

Christine and Ana 1977

Jeff, Steve, Max at Steve's wedding 1986

Max Baca 1983