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Welcome to the
2006 Sanchez-Medina
Family Reunion

What a wonderful reunion!!

Over 150 people came together in Santa Fe on September 1, coming from California, Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and, of course, New Mexico. Very soon we will post pictures as they start coming in.

We will also make available film and other mementos.

If you would like a Family Cookbook, we are making more, for $10 each. Let us know if you want one.

Click here to see who came.

Please see below for the latest news updates...

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  • 9/10/07:
    • You can see who came to the Reunion by clicking on the Registration List page.
    • More pictures have been added to the Scrapbook page -- there's plenty of room for more!
    • The Family History page has a cool picture of the Medina elders, and the Ancestry Charts for many of our family branches. Cris Sanchez has provided a narrative ancestry history for the grandparents - it's fascinating reading!
    • We received more business cards from family members, and we'll post them on the Family Business page. Send us your business card or your web page link!
    • We will keep up a mailing list, so we have a head start for the next reunion - of if any family members need a complete address list. Please help us keep it up to date. If you move, or if you have an e-mail address or mailing address for someone that we may have left out, please let us know. It may be a duplicate for us, but it is better to have duplicates than to miss someone!